You may think we’ve covered everything about changes in our last post. Here we’re talking about more extensive changes and customizations. This may seem like a small nuance, but some of these types of changes can make a BIG difference to your new home.

Imagine you’re building your dream home. You’ve chosen an amazing floorplan that will work perfectly for your family’s lifestyle right now, and will also be ideal 10 years from now. The lot that you’re building on is well-situated in the community and even has a stunning view. The only thing that’s needed is a larger window, a little to the right to capture it. Do you know if you can make that change?

Some builders have a strict policy and will not allow any changes, while other builders are more accommodating. They understand that changes are part of the process and will build in some latitude at different stages of the build to help give you what you want.

Don’t wait until the last moment to find out how open your builder is to changes. Ask before you choose a builder.

Question #6: How and when can I make changes?

Before you get started, you may want to find out how open the builder is to changes to their models and floorplans. Different builders approach design changes differently. If the builder has a no changes policy, then you’ll want to know this before construction starts.

Changes can range from asking to change a window to optimize for a view to larger request like whether you can change the kitchen layout. If these kinds of changes are important to you, then make sure your builder can accommodate your requests.

Regardless of which type of builder you decide on, the earlier you make changes, the less expensive those changes will be. The same change at the initial design stage may cost thousands after plans, permits and construction have started. It’s important to be aware of this especially if you’re sticking to a tight budget.

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