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With Broadview Homes, there’s the perfect home waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

At Broadview Homes, our commitment is to ensure that the excitement of building a home is sustained from purchase right through to moving in. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Our reputation and our personal dedication is focused on creating the best building experience possible.

Making the home-building process enjoyable is how we help our customers build the home they’ve dreamed of owning. Part of how we make your new home journey easy is through our unique programs designed to help our customers at every stage. We can help you sell your current house, streamline your new mortgage and customize your new home to suit your family’s needs. The only difficult part will be deciding which smart, sophisticated and versatile new home is right for you.

With Broadview, we make it easy to…build the home you want, in the community you love.

List for Free Program

Why pay real estate fees? Broadview Homes created their List for Free Program to help our customers sell their existing homes without paying expensive real estate commissions.

At Broadview, we wanted to alleviate some of your concerns with selling your current home. By partnering with a real estate agent, we created a powerful program to help you get the professional help you need to sell your existing home while maximizing the amount you keep from the sale of your house.

By taking advantage of our List for Free Program, our customers save thousands of dollars. Instead of our customers paying the 3.5% for the first $100,000, along with 1.5% of the selling price, Broadview assumes the cost for your property’s listing commission. Provided your home’s evaluation matches what you were hoping to sell your home for, then we can get our agent’s expertise working for you and get your current home sold.

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Preferred Lender Benefits

Buying a new home is different to buying an existing home, and where this difference is quite evident is when you apply for a mortgage.

For an existing home, there is generally only a 2-3 month timeframe, and all the information is easily available, and known to your bank or other lending institution. In the case of a new home, your lender may not know anything about the house being built, and how the new home construction process works. Their lack of knowledge can cost you both in terms of delays, hassles and extra money.

How a preferred lender helps new home buyers:

  • Proper appraisal of your new house for the full value.
  • Ability to hold the mortgage rate from the time of purchase for up to 12 months or apply the better rate at move-in, if it has improved in your favour.
  • Ensure that time-sensitive deposits are ready, available and paid throughout the construction process to avoid delays.
  • Help you arrange your down payment without the need to sell your current home in advance.
  • Waiving legal fees associated with closing the mortgage.

It is important to note that Broadview Homes does not benefit financially from this program. Instead, we make this service available to our customers to help them with their new home purchase.

Our customers who take advantage of this program save both time and money. In addition, they benefit from a speedy, smooth approval process and mortgage agreement, which keeps their new home build on schedule.

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Area Manager Specialists

Our team of Area Managers are knowledge experts who can answer all your questions and help you throughout the home building process.

They have a wealth of information about the community they are building in. Through their own research, speaking to the developer, and keeping up-to-date about what is happening in the community, they can answer almost any question you may have about the neighbourhood you’re thinking about building in.

In addition, all our Area Managers receive comprehensive training on new home buying, new home construction, and the latest home innovations. They are able to best advise you on how to arrange your mortgage, how to customize your floor plan, and even if you could benefit from little-known industry secrets like using a mortgage transfer to buy a spec home.

If you’re thinking about buying a new home, then you’ll definitely want to visit any of the showhomes and speak to one of our Area Managers.

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