Building a new home comes with choice. It’s not always easy deciding what features and finishes to upgrade from a builder’s standard specifications. To help you out, we have gone through our database to find the most popular upgrades and specifications that customers asked for.

Before we dig into the research, it’s important to know that Broadview Homes’ standard specifications include more than other builders. This allows customers to get more for their money without spending more on all those must-have features they want. It also means that some features and selections aren’t listed here because they’re already included– you can see a spec list here.

Starting in the kitchen, these are the most popular upgrades in Calgary kitchens that customers wanted to add to their new homes over the last five years.

5. Cabinets to the ceiling

Storage really matters in a kitchen, and an easy way to add more is by extending the cabinets to the ceiling. Going all the way up allows you to utilize the available space in your new kitchen.

Also, upgrading your cabinets to the ceiling gives your kitchen a luxurious look and feel. This doesn’t mean that your cabinet doors would literally scrape the ceiling. Decorative details, like crown molding, is installed between the ceiling and the top, so there isn’t any space to catch dust between the cabinets and the ceiling.

4. Hood fan with built-in microwave

Rather than having their microwave take up precious cabinet space, new home buyers opted for over-the-range combination microwave oven with built-in hood fan. Rather than a separate hood and microwave options, the combination allows for one appliance to perform dual functions for simpler kitchen operations.

Hood fans vent smells and smoke from the kitchen and adding a built-in microwave makes them great multitasking space savers. It’s a smart way to get more cooking space.

3. Built-in oven with cooktop

For convenience and flexibility in the kitchen, you can’t beat the combination of a cooktop and wall oven. New home buyers in Calgary are choosing to separate stovetop cooking from oven tasks over a standalone appliance.

Adding a cooktop to an island lets you chat with guests as you prep your meal, and placing a wall oven higher on a wall makes it easier to move pans in and out. It’s also a way to alleviate congestion in a busy kitchen.

2. Under-cabinet lighting

This home upgrade has become popular for many reasons. Under-cabinet lighting is installed directly underneath your cabinets to add beauty and function. It’s designed to brighten and enhance your cooking space. Other advantages include lowering your energy bills, adding a unique style, and enhancing the value of your home by making your kitchen really shine.

1. Deeper island

Kitchen islands are usually 4 feet deep to accommodate two sets of cabinets with no seating. However, people are opting for a deeper island, especially for large families that are choosing to use it for as a gathering space, doing homework on, and of course for dining. It is not unusual to find kitchen islands up to 8 feet deep today.

These are just a few ways you can upgrade your new home’s kitchen, organize your space, and increase the value of your home. Would you like to add something unique to your kitchen? Contact us. We work hard to make our customer’s dreams come true and include unique and even unusual features into their new home.

Next we’ll look at our data to see what Calgary new home buyers are choosing for their ensuite.