5-amenities-should-have-new-community-kids-playground-kids-playing.pngMoving into a new community is like a new adventure – it’s exciting, but also takes some work and planning. When you enter the home buying process, if you’re clear about what you need and want, then you can avoid having any regrets down the road. By carefully considering your desired lifestyle and checking to see what amenities your potential neighbourhood has to offer, you can ensure that you’ve found the perfect place for you and your family.

Here are some of the essential community amenities you may want to have nearby so you will be completely happy in your new home.

1. Schools and Playgrounds

As a responsible parent, you’ll want to ensure the community you live in has the best schools and playgrounds available for your kids. After all, education is the gateway to success!

It’s a good idea to investigate ahead of time and find out about options for schools and their locations. Ideally, your new home will be located close to a school. A neighbourhood school saves you the stress and expense of transportation for your child every day. If your neighbourhood school doesn’t suit your needs, there are lots of educational options in Calgary

Your child’s social life and play time are also important parts of their healthy development. Being located near playgrounds and parks where the kids can go and play with other neighbourhood children is ideal. This can help them be socially and physically active with their peers and it also gives the parents a break!

5-amenities-should-have-new-community-family-shopping.png2. Shopping Destinations

Whether you’re a shopaholic or hate any kind of shopping, we all need to do some shopping every now and then – even if it is just to pick up a jug of milk on the way home from work. Living close to a shopping centre ensures you don’t need to travel far to get what you need.

To find out what a community has to offer in terms of shopping options, it’s a good idea to take a drive around the neighbourhood when hunting for a house, to determine what type and how far away shopping destinations are situated.

Whether it is a boutique or a grocery store, having shopping choices nearby just makes life easier! Luckily, Broadview Calgary has some ideal communities, such as Beacon Heights and Kinniburgh, that are conveniently surrounded by modern shopping centres and small-scale outlets ready to serve you.

3. Health Services and Recreational Options

There’s a sense of security in knowing that you can easily access the services of a doctor or a pharmacist if an emergency arises. Look for a community located near healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

You should also consider the community’s proximity to recreational amenities such as a gym or green space. If you have a dog, you may want to look at communities located next to nature reserves, trails and green spaces that allow for playing outside! Broadview communities are built specifically in areas that provide convenient access to these types of facilities and amenities so that residents have access to everything they need.

4. Entertainment Venues

Access to entertainment options is one of the keys to what makes a neighbourhood great. A trip to the pub with friends or dinner and a movie with the family are activities to look forward to on evenings and weekends. Instead of spending time driving to these destinations, having them within walking distance or a short ride away makes them even more enjoyable and easier to do whenever you’re in the mood to go out. And if this is a big part of your lifestyle, then you’ll definitely want to add them to your must-have list.

Communities such as the Ranchers’ Rise in Okotoks provide country living with close access to art galleries, museums, theatres, dining and pubs. Regardless of your taste and preference, look for communities where you have a wide variety of options, from clubs and casinos to modern restaurants and golf clubs.

5. Transportation

Convenient access to transportation is also important because it allows you to commute to work, access amenities, and visit friends and family. Transportation options such as roads, busses and LRT systems determine how quickly and easily you can access other parts of the city from your neighbourhood.

If you are a commuting millennial or a retiree who opts to keep the car at home, ensure you can access public transport without having to walk several kilometres from where you live.

Being in close proximity to the city’s arterial roadways is ideal as it provides easy navigation throughout the Calgary area and a quick getaway route from the city. Luckily, Calgary has one of the best road networks in Canada. Taking a detailed look at commuting in Calgary can help you decide which neighbourhood is best for you.

The Bottom Line

Your community is the place that welcomes you home every evening after a long day of work and provides you with the comfort and security you need. It is also the place where you spend time with your kids, friends and family. For this reason, transportation systems, schools, shopping amenities, entertainment venues and healthcare facilities all enhance our quality of life and should be conveniently located and easily accessible from your community. Be sure to take all these amenities into consideration before you settle in a new place.


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