Amazing Calgary Playgrounds You May (or May Not) Know About

Parks and playgrounds are great ways for kids to get some exercise while having fun. They’re an inexpensive way to keep your kids entertained outside and explore your city. Plus, you might even meet some other parents.

With over 1,100 playgrounds in Calgary, it can be tough to choose where to go.

Calgary has some of the most innovative and creative playgrounds located all over the city. With so much choice, you’re sure to find the perfect playground for your little ones. From playgrounds made for a range of different ages to those with exciting themes, we’ve got it all!

Top 5 Best Playgrounds in Calgary

All over Calgary, you’ll find a wide range of playgrounds including ones with soft flooring that won’t cause kids bumps and bruises to those with a variety of equipment.

To get started, below are just a few of the top playgrounds to explore. Your kids will be sure to have a blast at any one of these.

1. 4th Avenue Flyover – 651 McDougall Road NE

This playground has everything you could ever want, and then some. The Flyover Park is built into the side of a hill in a previously unused park space. This playground not only looks super cool, but it also has amazing play value. There is a long roller slide, a tandem swing, and a stick forest. No matter what your kid’s age is, you’re sure to find something to enjoy!

2. Seton Elsa’s Tower Playground – 91 Seton Gardens SE

This vibrant community space is perfect for kids of all ages. The playground has a lot to offer, like the accessible flooring, tall tower, roller slide as well as a covered picnic area. If you’re looking to avoid crowds, try visiting during an off-peak time.

3. Shouldice Park Playground – 4900 Monserrat Drive NW

One of the best playgrounds in Calgary. It’s inclusive and fun for kids of all ages and abilities. You’ll find musical features, tons of options for spinning, swinging and bouncing, a huge ramp system, interesting climbing equipment, and a natural area. In the summer months, there is a large sun shade on the playground in addition to full, mature trees to shield you from the sun.

4. Currie Barracks Airport Playground – 2953 Battleford Avenue SW

This playground is definitely one of the best themed playgrounds in the city. It has an airport control tower with a tall slide, saucer swings, swings, a stump area, airplane bouncers, an airplane climber, and a curved climbing wall.

5. East Village Playground & St. Patrick’s Island Playground – 7 Avenue & 6 Street SE, and 1300 Zoo Road NE

These playgrounds are actually in two different parks, but they’re close enough together that you can walk (or take a short bike ride) to get to both of them.

The East Village playground is full of fun features for kids of all ages, including a climber with roller slides, a large rope and log climber, drums, and a musical xylophone. The area for younger toddlers has accessible flooring, so even the littlest ones can enjoy exploring around the uneven ground and climbing up on stumps. Older kids can try navigating the different climbing and overhead equipment.

At St. Patrick’s Island Playground, you’ll find an elevated boardwalk perfect for taking in views of wetlands, a river walk pathway ideal for a peaceful stroll, and a huge hill perfect for getting your heart pumping. Plus, a seasonal breech with a shallow wading area where people can play in a channel of river water.

It’s a great place to bring the kids or to just relax and soak in the atmosphere.

New Community Playgrounds in Calgary to Explore

Tired of going to the same playgrounds? Maybe it’s time to check out some of the exciting new playgrounds being built in new home communities in and around Calgary.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Paintbrush Park – Harmony, Alberta

2. Evanspark Playground – 2300 Evanston Square NW

3. Creekstone in Hudson Playground – 167 Creekstone Passage

Harmony’s new Adventure Park and Paintbrush Park are quickly becoming local favourites. It includes:

  • Skate Park
  • Pump Track
  • Elevated Lookout and Toboggan Hill
  • Climbing Wall
  • Dog Park
  • Ninja Obstacle Course
  • Skating Ribbon
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Parking
  • Harmony Adventure Zone

Coming in the fall are even more features, including:

  • Toboggan hill
  • Soccer playfields
  • Pathways
  • Maze
  • Picnic tables, benches
  • Plaza with benched seating