best-things-about-building-new-home-couple.pngVenturing into the real estate market provides you with an array of options. Whether you’ve been checking out small homes in urban areas or large homes with plenty of land, there are lots of places and options to consider.

Instead of looking at a wide range of housing types, you may want to narrow your search to only looking at building a new home. With all the housing choices available in the existing real estate market, you may think that this limits your choices. However, building a new home may actually be the right choice to deliver exactly what you want in addition to preventing problems and expenses that can occur in older homes.

Below is a list of just a few of the many reasons as to how you can benefit from a new home build.

1. Your Needs, Your Design

One of the greatest benefits associated with building a new home is that you can have it designed to your specifications. If you want to have three bedrooms on the first floor and two on the second, you can request that. If you want to have an extra suite built in the basement, you can request that too. Designing a house to meet the precise needs and wants of your family ensures you will be happy for many years to come.

2. Peace of Mind

When you go to check out a house, you may think the house looks gorgeous and well-suited to your family, but you’re probably also wondering how the previous owners treated it. Are there hidden problems? Could there be damage from pets or smoke? Has the home been well maintained?

By having a house built to your specifications, you won’t have to worry about an older home’s history or any unforeseen problems.

3. It’s All to Code

Imagine… you go through the entire process of finding a house, making a down payment and moving in only to find that certain elements in the house are not to code. For instance, the wiring may pose a fire hazard, or a structural wall hasn’t been supported correctly which may result in part of your home collapsing, or it could be that some of the building materials contain things like asbestos that is dangerous to your health. Heartbreak and extra time and money to get your new home fixed – who wants that?

While the hope is that these issues would be identified before you buy the house, sometimes certain things remain unnoticed. For example, you may find out that the extra bathroom in the basement is illegal, and now, you are stuck paying for the permits, unless you want to remove the bathroom. By starting from the ground-up, you know what permits are required and can make sure all of the paperwork and inspections are complete.

4. Location

Of course, you have to pick a location where land is available and where you can obtain the necessary permits to build a new home. However, you have a range of options. For example, let’s say you spotted a house you love, but it is in a neighbourhood far removed from much-needed family amenities. Or, you find a house you like in a neighbourhood with everything you need, but it is far too pricey for its age.

Having your home custom built is a way to stay within your budget AND ensure you’re in a desirable neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle and meets the needs of you and your family.

best-things-about-building-new-home-couple-choosing-paint-colours.png5. No Renovations, No Maintenance

Purchasing a house means you are likely thinking about the renovations you may need to make or what will require repairs in the near future. Will you have to replace outdated cabinetry or remodel a bathroom? Will the roof need replacing? How old is the hot water tank?

When you have an entirely new house constructed for you, these concerns will be non-existent. It’s all brand-new and you’ve picked the finishes you want. No need to repaint that nursery for your teenager.

6. Time Management Becomes Easier

Selling one house and buying another, or even just buying a house, can be very stressful if you are trying to coordinate the sale with the move to the new home.

While some people have family members with whom they can live with in the interim, it is less than convenient for a busy family. Also, if your home sells faster than anticipated, you may find yourself rushing into something you don’t want in order to have somewhere to live.

While it’s possible for weather conditions and other issues to causes some delays when building a house, at least you will have a reasonable estimate as to when your new home will be finished.

7. Get What You Want With What You Can Afford

Building means that you can get more – if not all – of your must-have and wish list items checked off within your set budget. Given that you’re building from scratch and able to choose the best floor plan, design and options for your new house that are all within your budget, you’ll know the full price for your build before you even start.

Working with a good builder means you can tell them exactly what your budget is, and they can develop a design close to your specifications without breaking the bank. You may also find you’ll save a ton of money if you choose to work with the builder’s preferred lender.

8. Customize The Interior

Looking at different houses for sale has probably introduced you to a wide array of interior design ideas you love, and some you don’t. For example, maybe you saw a kitchen that you loved aside from the counter colour or the backsplash. With a custom house, you can ensure that each and every element is nothing other than what you want.

9. For Now And The Future

Another problem with resale houses? They weren’t designed with your family in mind. Maybe right now you have one child but plan to have more in the future. Or perhaps your kids are getting older and will soon need a “hangout” space.

By designing a house, you can address your family’s needs, both for now and for the future.

10. You Can Create An Outdoor Paradise Too

Not only can you customize your dream home on the interior, you can also create customized outdoor living spaces. Maybe you want to have a large patio with an outdoor grill, or perhaps you want to focus your attention on landscaping or a play area for the kids. Building a new home means you’re sure to enjoy time spent outdoors as well as in.

With a new build, you take the stress and guesswork out of house hunting by being able to create a home to your exact specifications. You can turn your dream home into a reality that will allow you and your family to truly love where you live for many years to come.


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