Before deciding on a new home builder, be sure to ask about their previous work and if they have a guarantee on the finished home. Often, how previous home builds went is an indication of how enjoyable and successful your project will be.

Question #11: Can I have references?

It’s a simple question that any reputable builder will easily be able to answer. Ask for references from homeowners, photos of previous houses they’ve built and to visit current projects.

When speaking to customers, you’ll want to find out if the builder stuck to timelines, what the builder was like to deal with (especially when problems came up), and if they’re happy with the finished project.

Recent photos – while they may not always be consistent with your style preference – they can help you see the quality of the finished product.

Finally, by visiting or driving by current projects, you can see if the builder cares. Notice if the site is kept tidy. You’ll also want to pay attention to how people are interacting and if it appears to be a well-run building site.

If a builder is reluctant or doesn’t have any these things to show you, alarm bells should be ringing and you’ll want to investigate further before putting your trust in them to build your new home.

Question #12: Do you offer a guarantee?

Not everything in life comes with a guaranteed, but when you’re making a big investment, like a home, you want one. So, find out if your new home builder offers one. What’s covered? And, for how long?

In Alberta, new homes built by the best home builders will be part of The Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP). They are an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides warranty coverage to builders who meet their high level of professionalism, accountability and craftsmanship.

Homes built by Broadview Homes are insured by their 1-2-5-10 warranty program. In addition, we purchase the extended coverage for all our customers to provide them with added peace of mind.

Getting it Right

Asking the right questions before you get started will help you find the right builder and make the building process an enjoyable experience. They’ll become your partner to help you create the perfect home for you to come home to and build happy memories in.

Throughout this series we’ve covered a series of questions to ask potential home builders and explained why each one matters and what to listen for. Now that you’re equipped with the right questions to ask, you’re ready to choose a builder and start building your new home.

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Question #11: Can I have references?

Question #12: Do you offer a guarantee?