At Broadview Homes, we love building homes. Everyone involved in building a Broadview home has a real passion for homes and building the best homes possible. And so, we’re so fortunate to be able to do it every day.

This year we’ve been thrilled to win the CHBA Builder of the Year 2015 in addition to winning three SAM awards for best design and being nominated for six homes. And while, we’re so honoured to receive these accolades, the one that means the most is winning New Homebuyers’ Choice Awards™ because it is our customers’ feedback that determines the winner.

The New Homebuyers’ Choice Awards™ are different from other industry awards because they are based entirely on customer feedback. The 2016 awards are based on feedback from buyers received 30 days after they took possession of their home from November 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015.

When we started getting customer surveys back five years ago, we had a certain perception about how we were doing. However as Broadview Homes Vice-President Peter-John explains, “When those first surveys came back it was quite a shock, we really thought we were doing better than that. I am not saying our surveys were terrible, actually they were well within the industry standards, but I thought we were better than that. The great news is that through our customers’ feedback we learned a lot, and they were giving us a blueprint on how to be a better company and we listened.”

We want to thank all our customers for entrusting us to build your new home and for your feedback. May you enjoy living in your Broadview home.

New Homebuyers' Choice Award 2016