list-for-free-with-broadview-homes-stanford-living-room.pngIf you’ve built before and want to start over in a new community that better serves your family’s evolving needs, you’ve come to the right place. We want to make the process of discovering a unique, appealing neighbourhood to build you new home in as easy as possible. For the past 25 years, Broadview Homes has been constructing quality homes to suit a variety of buyer tastes in the Calgary area.

With the goal of extending buyer excitement well past the showroom stage, Broadview Homes builds residences that provide buyers with more of the features they want while keeping costs minimal. If you’re having trouble selecting the right floor plan for your dream home, Broadview works with you to personalize any of our available floor designs, even if that includes rearranging walls. That’s because we’re dedicated to making sure your new home is everything you dreamed it could be.

list-for-free-with-broadview-homes-huntington-kitchen.pngThe Possibilities Are Endless

Featuring unique and vivid design styles, our properties are constructed in accordance with your own individual character. Sticking to that objective, we make it easy for you to add your own personal signature to any home you’d like. Whether you want to relocate walls, include windows, or select interior colours that resonate with your persona, Broadview’s network of skilled designers are on-hand to help you make your fantasy home a reality.

From adding a gourmet kitchen to installing a fancy fireplace, we can help you do it all, and at an affordable price that won’t break your bank account. Our construction methods are constantly upgraded to include the current building technologies, so you can rest assured that your house is built to endure and will protect your family for many years to come.

Broadview Homes Helps You Save Cash with Free Listings

Broadview Homes has teamed up with Richard Fleming of Remax Mountainview to create a powerful system for helping you to easily sell your existing home for the maximum amount possible, and at the same time keep you from spending all of your accumulated cash.

Buying a brand-new house is without question one of the most important purchases you can make, but to manifest your desires you will have to put your present property on the market. We’re excited to reveal to our customers a foolproof method that reduces the stress and worry associated with the move, quickens the process, and helps you save money. By listing your property with Richard Fleming, Broadview will cover the listing fees to sell your house, so you pay absolutely nothing to put it on the market!

How the Process Works

In most cases, whenever you sell your house with a realty company, you have to pay commissions according to whatever price it sells at. About 50% of this commission goes to the listing realty company, and the other half goes to the selling realty company. By using this system, you only have to pay commission to the selling realty company, which breaks down to 3.5% for the first $100,000, along with 1.5% of the selling price. Broadview Homes assumes the cost for your property’s listing commission, which can save you a ton of money.

To illustrate, with a home that sells for $450,000, the realty commissions amount to $17,500 plus goods and services taxes for a sum of $18,375.00, calculated at 7% for the first $100,000 plus 3% on the closing price. In this situation, you just pay the selling company $9,187.50, and Broadview Homes takes care of the listing commissions.

How to Get Started

Your first step is to contact Richard Fleming of Remax at (403) 651-4400, and set up a time for him to visit your property and give you an up-to-date market assessment of its value. This is a 100% cost-free process. During your first meeting with Richard, he’ll give you his pre-selling guidebook that provides you with a number of valuable tips on preparing your house to sell it, as well as an in-depth review of his marketing strategy.

The Next Step

If your home’s evaluation matches what you were hoping for and your bank authorizes you, then you simply have to complete the purchase of your new Broadview Homes property and list your current home for sale. After it’s been listed, Richard Fleming will bring to the table his 32 years of expertise in listing houses and put them to work for you. You can be sure it’s a decision neither you nor your pocketbook will regret, and you’ll be well on your way to owning your Calgary dream house.