how-to-create-the-perfect-guest-room-featured-image.pngBefore owning your own home, you may not have had the luxury of a room devoted to guests. However, now that you’ve decided on a new home build, you have the opportunity to plan how special friends and family members will experience your home when they stay with you. 

With so many things to consider for your new home build, including floor plans, features, finishes, and so on, your guest room may come as a bit of an afterthought. However, if you’re the type of person who loves hosting family and friends, you may want to put a little more emphasis on this part of the house ahead of time. 

Below are a few great guest room considerations you’ll want to take into account when building your new home.

Large Space

Make your guest room at least as large as the other bedrooms in the house. You’ll want a room large enough to hold a king-size or two twin-size beds, along with having ample space for your guest to walk around. Allowing space for a small desk is also a good idea, as many people travel with laptop computers and need to periodically check their email.

Closet or Clothing Storage Space

One of the biggest hassles of travelling is living out of a suitcase. You can make your guests feel more at home by providing plenty of space for their clothes. A basic closet or dresser may be sufficient, but if you have space, including a walk-in closet might be a better idea. You could place a dresser in the closet to free up floor space in the guest room itself and have plenty of extra space to use for your own storage.


Temperature Control

You want your guests to be comfortable during their stay. An additional ceiling fan for cooling and a space heater could allow for personalized temperature control. However, having an HVAC system that allows for ‘zones’ makes it possible to adjust temperatures per room. Your guests will be able to adjust their room temperature to preference. As a bonus, this system can help you control costs by shutting off the heat or air conditioning to that room when it’s not in use.

Good Lighting

Having a variety of lighting options in the room allows your guest to choose the lighting that’s right for them. For instance, a large window allows natural light to come in and brighten up the room, while adjustable overhead lighting may be perfect for reading just before going to bed. For extra convenience, you may want to add night lights or an easy-to-find light switch for those middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.

Bathroom Access

Speaking of the bathroom, your guests will need access to one! If you want more luxurious guest accommodations or you expect to have guests who stay for extended periods of time, think about including an ensuite bathroom. The privacy will be appreciated and a few desirable bathroom features will go a long way in making them comfortable. If that doesn’t seem like a practical option for you, simply ensure that the guest room is close to a shared bathroom. 

An Interesting Colour on the Walls

When designing a guest room, a lot of people try to keep things ‘neutral’ so the room can appeal to a wide range of people. However, neutral doesn’t always have to mean beige or white! Colours like steel grey, ocean blue, or sage green can be a nice surprise while still appearing understated. These wall colours look especially nice if you have white furniture. A good builder will be able to work with you in getting a colour you’re sure to appreciate. 

Tech Elements

Though your guests may be visiting on vacation, they may not want to be totally unplugged. Make sure that there are plenty of accessible outlets throughout the room in order to charge phones and other electronic devices. You’ll also want to be sure that the Wi-Fi reaches the guest room. If you’re looking for a bit of extra oomph, consider adding a TV or music player to the room. Some families choose to have built-in speakers throughout the home, so don’t forget about the guest room while planning!

When you’re building a home, you have the opportunity to design each room the way you want. Take advantage of this by planning to treat your visitors in style. They’re sure to thank you for your efforts.

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