7 Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Vacation Hands Holding House imageDid you know the most common break-ins occur when homeowners are away on vacation? We know this is the last thing you want to think about while you’re getting pumped up for your vacation, but leaving your home unoccupied makes it a better target for burglars. But never fear! Here are a few effective things you can do to protect your home and enjoy peace of mind while you’re gone.

1. Keep It Quiet 

As we mentioned above, it’s understandable you’d be excited about your time away. But broadcasting your upcoming trip on social media or when talking to a neighbour in public means anyone can take note of when you’re gone. Try to be selective on who is aware that you’re leaving and only keep it within your close circle of friends. The same applies when you’re actually gone as well – avoid posting any photos of your trip while you’re gone. You can discuss your trip and the photos you took once you get home.

2. Park It

While it’s natural to want to secure your vehicles inside of a locked garage, this can tip off burglars that you’re away on vacation. Park a vehicle in the driveway or in the front of your home to make it look as if someone is home. If you’re planning to be gone a while, consider asking a trusted neighbour to move it for you periodically to really add to the illusion. 

3. Keep Pets Present

If it’s a no-pets-allowed type of trip, consider hiring a petsitter rather than taking them to a kennel or relative’s house. Having pets home can make for a major deterrent for prospective burglars – especially if they see pets in the window or hear them barking in the yard. There are many reputable pet sitters in Calgary who will ensure your furry friends are well looked after while keeping an eye on your home (they’ll even check your mail).

4. Switch It Up

Many people may think leaving a few lights on once they leave will make it look as if someone’s home. Unfortunately, this can tip off intruders that the home is empty by having the same lights on 24/7. Instead, opt for a light switch timer, which is an automated product that switches on specific lights at a certain time each day. This will make everything seem normal and save you money on your electricity bill at the same time. 

5. Light the Outside

Speaking of lighting, the perimeter of your home should also be a consideration when it comes to lighting. Shedding light on areas that would otherwise be dark, discounts any potential hiding spots for unwanted visitors. Use low-voltage outdoor lighting or solar lights that won’t increase your energy bill. 

You can also install a motion sensor light next to the front and back door of your home. The light will startle any potential intruders and may even alert a neighbour of any suspicious activity. 

7 Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Vacation Security App image6. Use Smart Technology

Many new home builders make it a point to include smart technology in their builds and are happy to add any additional features at your request. 

SkyBell – This high-tech doorbell runs off Wifi and combines both video and audio capabilities when someone comes to your door when you’re away. The doorbell will also send you a notification if anyone is loitering on your property at any time of the day. 

Keyless Entry – Keyless entry systems such as the Kevo Smart Lock is a bluetooth enabled deadbolt allowing you to unlock your home from your phone, or at the touch of your fingertip. This system is smart enough to recognize your phone is nearby and will not unlock otherwise.  

7. Maintain the Landscape

Keeping up landscaping will also make it look as though you’re home during the week. Not to mention, it will prevent you from coming home to a fried lawn or withered garden. Ask a neighbour to mow your lawn or hire a landscape service to keep your property in shape if you plan to be gone for several weeks.

Again, we know the last thing you want to do is worry about your home when you’re trying to relax. So, before you leave, be sure to keep a few of the above tips in mind. This way, you’ll spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your much-needed time away.


Photo credits: hands holding housesecurity app
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