Bathrooms should be the most functional room in your home, and the master bathroom (aka ensuite) is one of the most desirable features for resale value. They’re also one of the most expensive rooms to renovate later, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

If you’re building your own home, you can start with the list of standard options and features from your builder. Depending on your new home builder, you may want to upgrade a couple, some or all of the features from their standard specifications. Choosing the right upgrades means you’ll love your ensuite for years to come.

But how do you know which master bathroom upgrades to add? We can help you get started with a list of the most popular ensuite upgrades that Broadview Homes’ customers in Calgary have asked for in the last five years.

5. Free standing tub

Free standing tubs have become popular in recent years not only because they are gorgeous, but they’re designed for people who love baths. When you enter an ensuite, they instantly attract your attention and make a strong design statement.

They come in an incredible variety of shapes, sizes and designs from modern to vintage. While built-in tubs normally have to be placed against a bathroom’s walls, freestanding tubs can be put anywhere—even in the middle of the room.

It isn’t for everyone, and not for every bathroom. But to many Calgary new home buyers, it’s a must-have feature that instantly makes your master bathroom feel like a luxury, high-end spa.

4. Glass Shower

A glass shower consists of two tiled walls and two walls of 10mm glass. The 10mm tempered glass is safe to use, long-lasting, highly durable, and also easy to maintain. The two tile walls add style, texture and depth to the walls of your ensuite.

A glass shower gives your bathroom a sleek and luxurious finish. They are a favourite among new home builds in Calgary where they are often combined with a free standing tub.

3. Bank of drawers

Adding a bank of drawers to your ensuite is the best way to increase your storage space without taking up more space. This storage cabinet is perfect for storing extra towels, bathroom paraphernalia, and anything else you don’t want lying around the bathroom.

2. Heated floor

In-floor heating systems, also known as radiant floor heating, is a luxurious solution for chilly floors in your home. It involves installing electric heating coils or water-heated tubing under your ensuite’s floors. This helps you to keep the floors of your home warm and comfortable.

1. Rain head shower

These types of showerheads are designed to give users the experience of showering in the rain. They usually come as a thin square or round disk-shaped head with many evenly spaced holes through which water flows evenly.

Rain head showers are the most popular ensuite upgrades that customers wanted to add to their new homes in Calgary. Not only do they create a luxurious and pleasurable experience, but they are also functional and easy to use.


As one of the most used rooms in the entire house, a functional and relaxing ensuite is a must-have and a good investment. We’ve shown you a few ways you can upgrade your new home’s ensuite and get that master bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

If you didn’t see a feature listed above, remember that Broadview Homes’ standard specifications are more comprehensive than other builders. This gives you more value for your money as you can already choose more of your must-have features without having to spend more money. It also means that some features and selections aren’t listed here because they’re already included—you can see a spec list here.

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