Awesome Ways to Customize Your Ensuite Stanford imageTired of trekking down the hallway in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? Sick of being scrunched up in your three-foot long, half-foot deep, eggshell blue bathtub? Tired of your kids sticking their hands under the door when you just need ‘a moment’? Boy, do we have a post for you!

Next to the kitchen, the ensuite is the most coveted room in the home. The perfect place to start and end your day, this private retreat should be your ultimate getaway. So, if you’re dying for an ensuite in your next home, consider some of these cool customization ideas. 

The Tub

Let us start with everyone’s favourite bathroom accessory (unless you really do have a shallow eggshell blue tub). With so many tub varieties out there, it would take the whole day to cover them all, so we’ll just touch on the most popular options. Here are a few bathtub ideas you may want to consider for your custom ensuite: 

The Free-Stander – Removed from all walls, freestanding tubs are great for both classic and modern looks. Anyone who appreciates vintage flair, for example, will appreciate a claw-foot style, while those who like a more contemporary feel will enjoy a smooth surface slipper tub

The Corner Tub – This type of tub is perfect for some serious spa therapy. Corner tubs are generally equipped with everything from jets and back rests – really upping the luxury factor. They also easily accommodate more than one person. Just saying. 

The Alcove – The old favourite. The alcove tub is of the traditional style – with three surrounding walls. Keep in mind, when we say traditional, we don’t mean small or boring. These tubs can be incredibly roomy, stylish, and comfortable. They just happen to take up the least amount of space. 

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The Shower

Everyone loves a nice hot shower, but you could really take your daily cleansing routine to the next level by considering a few of the following: 

The Glass Shower – Glass showers are sleek, easy to maintain and add an upscale look to any ensuite. Partnered with a colourful tile surround and built-in seating, your shower will undoubtedly be the highlight of your day. 

The Steam Shower – Steam showers are the ultimate spa-like accessory. Imagine melting the day away while, at the same time, improving your skin and sinuses in a matter of minutes. Not only will your new steam shower keep you happy, it’ll keep you healthy, too. 

The Multi-Shower Shower — Multi-showers are extremely popular due to the surface area they cover. Suspended from the left side, right side, above, and any other side you like,  the showeree can look forward to 360 degrees of warm-water bliss!

The Toilet 

So much more than a place to do your business, your toilet can be a comfy, stylish, money-saving machine! Check out these top toilet ideas if you’re looking to fancy-up your throne:

Water-Saving – Did you know water-saving toilets can save the average family of four up to 16,500 gallons of water a year?! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these eco-friendly commodes are stylish and cost-effective!

Intelligent – From cleansing and automated flushing to heated seats and adjustable settings, intelligent toilets are taking calls of nature to a whole new level. Often sporting a tankless design, these posh potties are sure to make a chic statement.   

On the Wall – Wall mounted toilets are becoming increasingly popular for those wanting to save space, or just wanting something a little different. Operated by the push of a button, wall-mounted toilets are free-standing, easy to clean and very affordable. 

Awesome Ways to Customize Your Ensuite Vanity imageThe Vanity

Tired of tripping over your spouse every morning in the mad dash to get to work? Too many products and not enough space? Here are a few vanity variations you may want to think about: 

His and Hers Vanities –  Dual vanities ensure her mounds of cosmetics stay on her side, while shaving accessories (and, yes, the inevitable sink stubble) stay on his. 

Built-In Storage – This is a great way to keep everything on hand and out of sight. From bath accessories and beauty products to hair appliances and hand towels, built-in storage is a good-looking way to keep everything organized.

A Few Extras – Consider taking it up a notch by incorporating quartz or granite countertops, lighted mirrors and/or heated mirrors, and designer cabinetry. These little additions will really make your ensuite exceptional. 

Further Fabulous Features: 

Lighting – The last thing you’ll want is lighting that makes your ensuite look bad and your skin even worse. Halogen and overhead lighting are notorious for this. Choose lighting and fixtures that will make both you, and your bathroom look great – with lots of natural light in particular. You can also work with your builder to include ambient lighting in your shower or bath area, creating the ultimate calming effect. 

Flooring – Tile flooring makes a beautiful addition and is available in many varieties. Not to mention, most custom home builders will work with you to add that radiant in-floor heating you’ve always wanted. 

Sights and Sounds – You can really create an enviable ensuite by including additional features such as a gas fireplace, sound system, or television. Bye, bye living room, hello ensuite!

To sum it all up, an endless array of options + a flexible builder = an awesome ensuite. We hope we’ve inspired you with some great ideas for your beauteous new bathroom, but remember, even if you have something else in mind, a true custom builder will go above and beyond to make your ensuite exceptional.


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