We. Love. Kitchens.  Over our many years building new homes, we’ve created thousands of kitchens, each with their own flavour. We’ve seen trends that fade shortly after they’re introduced and others that have real staying power. Above all, whether trendy and classic, each kitchen has to suit the family that will use it for many years to come.

When designing your home, here’s how you can incorporate ideas from the top kitchen design styles while still creating a kitchen look with longevity.

1. Go With the Flow

Kitchens serve as a hub in our home, from dinner prep to family meals to party central – you need room to move around. Be sure that your layout can accommodate everyone coming and going through it multiple times every day.

A well-designed layout is spacious and open with great places to cook, while providing room for people to congregate. Classic kitchen design includes the Kitchen Work Triangle, with the three main work areas (sink, stove, fridge) spaced in (you guessed it) a triangle formation. But it’s up to you to consider how you like to move around the kitchen when you’re cooking.

Additionally, while people may be moving away from U-shaped kitchens toward L-shaped ones, an open kitchen with plenty of space, functional stations and room to move will always be in style.

2. Avoid Trends

Kitchen fads are always so appealing, and you can incorporate the latest fads without making them a permanent element in your kitchen.

For instance, open shelving and concrete countertops were all the rage for a while, but you may want to consider the always-popular built-in cabinetry instead if fighting kitchen-clutter is going to be important to you going forward. (We find most parents can relate to this!)

3. Choose Quality Over Quantity

There are some key areas where you can direct your investment to get the best bang for your buck in the kitchen.


calgary-kitchen-redstoneHigh-quality, energy-saving appliances can have a big impact on selling your home in the future. Installing trusted brands that people recognize, like Broadview’s standard Kitchen Aid packages will usually equal a high return on your investment.

Try working with timeless materials that will stand the test of time . Recalling past trends like avocado coloured appliances from the ‘70s can help keep you focused ones that will keep their value (unless you’re into that kind of thing, of course!).


Countertops instantly set the stage for your kitchen. Choosing materials  that are durable and long lasting will ensure your kitchen maintains its value for many years to come. We recommend looking at stones, quartz, and other natural materials (or imitations). These are always a safe, beautiful bet. (For example, engineered quartz is currently the most popular material on the market, not only is it beautiful, it’s easy to maintain and long-lasting.)

Hardworking Sinks

Likewise, different types, styles, and materials for sinks will be trendy for a time. One that never goes out of style is stainless steel. A sink needs to be durable and serve to easily wash food and accommodate all of your largest pots and dishes. If it does all of these things, then you’ve got a winner.

Still looking to make a splash in the kitchen? One place you can safely make a statement is with a trendy faucet because it is relatively easy to change later when you plan to sell your home.

4. Stick to Timeless Cabinet Styles

Most kitchens primarily consist of cabinets, they are a huge part of the style of your kitchen While there is a style for every home owner out there, some things never go out of style, like well-built cabinets with solid construction and functional drawers.

Shaker cabinets instantly impart a classic look. They are also versatile enough for a traditional, farmhouse or even a modern style kitchen. One way to use this tried and true style is with colour. A crisp, white kitchen is always popular and goes well with every decor, taste, and style. Although white isn’t your only option, according to Zillow painting the upper and lower cabinets in two different colours allows you to sell your home for a $1,547 premium (although individual results will always vary). Alternatively, you can add a personal touch with a punch of colour on the island. Whatever you decide, re-painting them when you decide to sell your home is an inexpensive and quick change.

5. Use Technology Wisely

Technology in our kitchens is ever evolving. New devices like voice activated home assistants have taken over from built-in kitchen desks and TVs in the past.

It may feel like it’s difficult to plan for the future but simple things like incorporating plenty of plugs are a great start. With the rise of smartphones, tablets and other electronics that need constant charging, there are never enough power outlets in the kitchen. Today, almost two-thirds of homes have a charging station where these gadgets can easily be plugged in.

Some kitchen design choices never go out of style. If you’re looking to create a timeless kitchen that retains its value, then making the right choices now will mean a look and functionality you not only love now, but also ten years from now.

As always, our team of experts is passionate about building a kitchen you love and happy to guide you through this process!