Our communities and neighbourhoods in Calgary offer special places where we live, work and play. They’re also home to a rich variety of wildlife that thrives in our diverse urban areas and natural parks. Despite the beauty that wildlife brings to the city, there can be conflicts between these two different worlds.

Wildlife, such as skunks, magpies, mice and rabbits, often find food and shelter right in our backyards and sometimes even inside our homes. While we want to protect and preserve our wildlife, we also want to ensure that wildlife doesn’t become a nuisance.

By following a few simple guidelines, Calgarians can make sure this wildlife is protected – while not becoming pests. Here are the recommendations from the City of Calgary:

  • Do not leave food out. Even food left in yards for pets or birds can attract nearby wildlife. So, if you have a bird feeder, keep the area under your feeder clean and tidy.
  • Keep any garage left outside in tightly closed and secured waste disposal bins. Overflowing or easily accessible garbage can attract wildlife.
  • Keep your property and landscaping tidy. Overgrown grass can provide an ideal habitat for wildlife.

The City of Calgary is committed to preserving and fostering a healthy, sustainable environment. They’ve demonstrated this commitment by being the third Canadian city to sign the Durban Commitment which aims to improve and support biodiversity in our city. More information about the program, and what we can do, can be found on their blog – http://www.calgarycitynews.com/2016/10/when-nature-meets-city-living-with.html.