Top 10 Outdoor Living Features for Your Home Huntington Courtyard imageSummer is finally just around the corner and with the weather heating up, so does the urge to spend more time outdoors. If like most Calgarians, you can’t wait to spend countless summer days in your backyard, we’ve got some great ideas that will really take your outdoor living space to the next level. 

1. A Great Deck

Of course, a great deck is a must-have when it comes to spending time outside – if you have enough room, there are plenty of features you can include to take your deck to the next level. For example, you may want to talk to your builder about a tiered deck. This type of design will give you separate areas in which to barbecue, stretch out in the sun, or visit with friends. 

Other features could include add-ons such as a pergola or gazebo. Not only will these provide you with some privacy, but they’re sure to offer an escape from the sun as well.  

2. Zoned Areas

If a tiered deck isn’t exactly what you had in mind, consider creating a few outdoor ‘zones’. For example, in addition to your deck, you could also include a lower patio or nearby terrace. In this sense, your deck space can be reserved for barbecuing or lounging, while the patio or terrace area is set up exclusively for dining or entertaining. 

Top 10 Outdoor Living Features for Your Home Huntington Courtyard image3. Exclusive Courtyards

Speaking of zoned areas, have you ever thought about having your own courtyard? With a flexible Calgary builder, you can! Unlike a patio, deck or terrace, a courtyard may be included as a completely separate outdoor area, designed specifically for a little outdoor privacy and relaxation, or intimate visits with friends and family. 

4. Built-In Seating

Whenever you choose to relax or entertain outside, built-in seating is a must. This could be as simple as a few outdoor benches, or as grand as a roomy sectional, complete with storage and cupholders. The right builder will be able to design the perfect weatherized seating solution for your exterior space, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about packing away patio furniture again. 

5. A Killer Kitchen

One of the best parts about outdoor living? Outdoor eating! From juicy steaks and burgers on the grill to fresh watermelon and crisp salads, you’re going to need a place to prepare all the glorious foods that make summer taste so good. Here are a few outdoor kitchen features you may want to consider: 

A Built-In Grill – Of course! Grill = delicious food. 

Considerable Counter Space – Your outdoor counter space won’t need to be as big as what’s in your kitchen, but you’ll want to make sure you have enough room for food prep.

Spacious Storage – This will be especially helpful for storing dishes, cooking utensils and a variety of other much-needed kitchen accessories. 

Sizeable Sink – Not only will this be convenient for prepping foods for the grill, it will save time on clean up!

6. A Wet Bar

What goes well with eating? Drinking of course! Imagine having your very own outdoor wet bar stocked with everything from ice cold bottled water to an assortment of craft beer. Here too, you’ll want to include a little counter space for preparation, or you may even want to consider creating a custom pull-up counter for you and your guests to enjoy. Ask your builder about making room for appliances such as a bar fridge or wine chiller. Add a high definition TV and you’ll have the ultimate hang out space!

Top 10 Outdoor Living Features for Your Home Hugo Courtyard Fireplace image7. Fun Fire Features

Imagine relaxing by the fire as you watch the sun go down on another summer day. An outdoor fire feature could be a large decorative fire pit, surrounded by built-in seating, or as small as a tabletop fireplace (a great focal point). You may even be interested in a wall-mounted fireplace that’s easy to maintain and makes for an attractive addition to any outdoor space. 

8. Sound Systems

What would hanging out on the deck with friends be without music? Here too, a flexible builder will be able to incorporate an outdoor sound system or speakers so you can listen to your favourite tunes with ease. At the very least, you can ask your builder about including a few extra plug-ins for Bluetooth speakers or other media. 

9. Lush Landscaping

We know landscaping isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of outdoor living features, but it makes a huge difference in the enjoyment you’ll get out of your yard. Imagine building that terrifically tiered deck or a stunning outdoor kitchen only to have it surrounded by dirt, weeds or a lack of fencing. That being said, you’ll want to give the grading in your new yard a chance to settle; the dirt will sometimes sink and you’ll have to build it up again before putting sod down. On the bright side, this gives you ample time to plan out your backyard escape!

10. Lighting

While this may not be of importance during the long summer days, you’re going to want to have good outdoor lighting when the sun goes down. Ambient lighting can be built right into your deck or patio to set the mood for late outdoor evenings and can even be included in your landscaping to highlight the best features of your yard. 

Above are just a few of the many possibilities available to you when it comes to creating your ideal outdoor living space. Speak to your builder about what you can do to create the ultimate backyard getaway that’s sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood.


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