‘Why are some builders more expensive than others?’ is a question everyone asks themselves when buying a new home. This often leads to a conversation with a new home builder about their standards, aka specifications.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all builder specifications are the same. But, you’d be wrong.

Builder specifications vary widely. While all builders in Alberta need to comply with Building codes and standards, some consider anything above this an upgrade and other builders go far beyond the building code to deliver quality homes with beautiful finishes.

You can see exactly what will go into your new home on a builder’s spec sheet. All reputable builders will provide you with a copy. Although unless you speak builder talk, you’re often left wondering what each item on a specification sheet means, let alone try to compare standards among builders.

Don’t give up! If you want to ensure you’re getting value for your money, there’s an easier way to compare builder standards.

Little Known Trick to Quickly Compare Builder Specifications

An easy way for new home buyers to understand how good a builder’s standards are is to ask, ‘What is the average upgrade amount that your customers spend when building a home with you in this community?’
The answer can range from $30,000+ to as little as $5,000. Knowing this allows you to better compare the value of the home you’re buying.

Be sure that you’re comparing similar homes. It’s important to realize that the dollar value can vary widely between communities and housing types. For instance, if you’re building a starter home, there may only be a few upgrades. Whereas, if you’re building a custom, estate home, then you’ll likely see more of a difference between what’s a high versus a low standard specification.

Plus, if you’re still not sure and want a second opinion, you can always sit down with one of our Area Managers. We’re happy to go through our spec sheet and compare it to another builder to help you fully understand the value of a Broadview home.