Organizing and de-cluttering guru, Nicole Anzia of Neatnic, shares the five mistakes people make when attempting to de-clutter. Here are her helpful tips to conquer the clutter:

  1. Organize before you buy. This includes buying pretty tubs, containers and baskets before making your space ready. Often, they do not fit in your space when you’re finished, and they’re not functional in the right way. Once you’ve assessed what you need, then you’ll have a better idea about what will work best.
  2. Break up the task. Trying to do everything all at once will likely result in burn-out and frustration. Break the job up into 2-3 hour chunks over a few days.
  3. Complete each task first. Don’t move onto a new task until the current one is complete.
  4. Develop systems for the long term. It is a mistake to think of it as a job with a start and an end. Instead, you’re creating an organizational system that will require a little regular upkeep to be maintained.
  5. Good is success. Catalogue pictures can show you perfection, but not a space that actual human beings live in. The goal should be setting up a space that works well for your needs.

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