kitchen-cabinets-101-everything-you-need-to-know-cascade-model-kitchen-featured-image.pngCabinets play an important role in the beauty and functionality of your kitchen and bathroom. At Broadview, we pride ourselves on building homes to the highest standards, and one of the ways you can see this is by looking at the quality of our cabinets.

We work closely with buyers and our supplier to create the optimal solution to each person’s unique needs. When you choose Broadview, you won’t have to worry about being rushed through the selection process. We’ll help you design the cabinets of your dreams.

Read on to discover what makes Broadview’s cabinets different from the rest.

Wildwood Cabinets: About Broadview’s Supplier

Broadview works exclusively with Wildwood Cabinets, a local company that specializes in building cabinets for the new home industry. Wildwood prides itself in hand-crafting cabinets, giving the final product a furniture-like look. This is unique in comparison to most pre-fabricated cabinets you’ll get with other suppliers.

When your home’s cabinets are custom-made by Wildwood, you’ll know that they’re built to your exact specifications. A master builder will carefully sand the wood by hand, stain or paint the wood, then assemble the finished product. This personal touch really adds to the quality.

Better for Calgary, Better for You

Aside from the quality of the cabinets they provide, selecting Wildwood Cabinets as our exclusive supplier allows us to support the local economy. Wildwood is a locally owned company, and all of their cabinets are made right here in Calgary.

Other suppliers manufacture their cabinets overseas, then ship them to Calgary. This might be good for profits, but it’s not necessarily good for homeowners in Calgary. Because Wildwood sources its wood locally, you can be certain that it’s well-suited to the temperature variations and dry climate we deal with throughout the year. This bodes well for the lifetime of your cabinets.

kitchen-cabinets-101-everything-you-need-to-know-richmond-model-bonus-room-image.pngThe Broadview Difference

At Broadview, we believe that quality is important and that you shouldn’t have to pay a lot more just to get a high quality product. That’s why the cabinet choices we offer as standard features are the types of options that other builders might consider upgrades. We know that you want the best for your home, and we go out of our way to give it to you.

For instance, some of the features you can expect from the Broadview cabinets made by Wildwood are:

  • Two sets of pots and pan drawers
  • Top drawers throughout the kitchen
  • Vanity drawers in the bathroom
  • High end materials
  • Taller cabinets (typically 96′ rather than the standard 90′ offered by other builders)

Unbelievable Selection

When you’re building your home, you’re often presented with a lot of choices. From different styles to materials to colours, you get a lot of say in what your home looks like. When you choose to build with Broadview, you get even more choices.

Many other builders offer a ‘selection board’ to help you make decisions about your cabinets. This includes small samples of a few different types of materials, and you simply pick from those choices.

Through Wildwood, Broadview is able to offer you a much wider range of options. In fact, they’ll set up a one-on-one appointment directly with Wildwood, giving you a chance to interact with the supplier and make decisions that are going to be the best fit your family.

The Appointment Process

Broadview sets up an appointment with Wildwood for each home buyer. You’ll be able to come to the Wildwood showroom and meet with a knowledgeable representative to see all the different types of cabinets Wildwood can create. This allows you to really take your time exploring the product, getting a far better sense of quality than you would when you’re only looking at a selection board.

In most cases, Broadview is able to give Wildwood some sense of the type of home you’re building and what you’re looking for ahead of time. This gives Wildwood the chance to create some 3D images of what your future cabinets might look like. Since the Wildwood builders are familiar with Broadview’s home designs, they’ll be able to help you make the best use of your space while choosing cabinets and drawers that fit your style.

Upgrading Your Cabinets

When you’re already starting with high-quality cabinets, you don’t have to think about upgrading to a better quality product. However, there are still some little touches that homeowners choose to make their cabinets stand out.

For instance, you might want to choose an even higher grade of wood, have glass fronts to the cabinet doors, or add special lighting for a unique look. All of these ideas are possible when you work with Wildwood. Simply let them know about your ideas.

Cabinet styles come and go, but Broadview does a good job of keeping up with the latest trends. With a Broadview home, you’re sure to get the high-quality cabinets you’re looking for. Best of all, you’ll get to work with a local company who’s committed to hand-crafting cabinets that perfectly fit your needs. Stop by one of our showhomes to take a look at some amazing examples for yourself!

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