There may be no getting around dirty clothes, but here’s how we’ve made laundry easy in our Ravenswood show home.

No one wants to spend their whole day doing laundry, so we’ve designed this laundry room to help you breeze through the wash-dry-fold cycle. By focusing on the four primary functions – prep, washing, drying and storage – we’ve designed this room for optimal efficiency. Space for each task is at-hand, including just the right size for a large-capacity washer and dryer, a sink for pre-soaking clothing, ample cabinet space for cleaning supplies, and a countertop to help with folding and to store clothes when they’re in-between cycles.

And, why have a dingy, boring look? Laundry may be a necessity, but the room that we do them in doesn’t need to be totally uninspiring. Our designer, Christina, added some fun Canadian-themed elements in the room.

Here’s a list of all the element and where to get them:

  1. Upper cabinets, Wildwood, Coffee Bean Belmont style, upgrade $820
  2. Rustic signs, Homesense, from $60
  3. Laminate countertop, Wildwood , Arborite Charcoal Cashmere Finish, upgrade $764; Metal basket, Metro Element, $45; and Canada T-shirts, Hudson’s Bay, $28
  4. Whirlpool Washer & Dryer, Trail Appliances, upgrade $2207
  5. Jars with clothes pins, Michaels, $115
  6. Laundry Cabinet and laminate countertop, Wildwood, and sink, WM Schmidt, total upgrade price $1956
  7. Pin boards with scenic photos from across Canada, Homesense & Maple Country Souvenirs, $65

See how we can lighten your laundry load in a well-laid-out space by visiting our Ravenswood show home located at 1548 Ravensmoor Way in Airdrie.