Finalist For Three Customer Choice Awards Recently, it was announced that Broadview Homes was a finalist for the following categories:
Platinum Award: Builder Of Choice
Gold Awards: Best Customer Experience – Calgary single family
Gold Awards: Best Customer Experience – Calgary multifamily

The Home Owner Mark of Excellence™ program is different than other industry awards because the results are based entirely on customer feedback and for the Platinum: Builder of Choice, it also included results from trade partners and employees.

All of us at Broadview Homes are thrilled to have been nominated for three H.O.M.E . awards including the highest honour the Platinum Award: Builder Of Choice.

“As you can imagine there is a fair amount of excitement amongst our staff in being nominated for a Customer Choice awards,” said Peter-John Woolf, Vice-President, Broadview Homes. “When we found out we were a finalist for three awards, we were over the moon. In regards to our employees, we have hit the jackpot. Firstly our people love the housing industry. We love building homes. We love selling homes. We celebrate every sale. And most important we stand behind our homes. I have often said if this is a career for you, and if you want to be proud of what you do, then come and build a house with me. Together, we’ll build the best houses in this city!”

Thank you to our customers, trade partners and employees who took part in completing the CustomerInsight™ surveys. We are truly grateful for the feedback that we received from everyone.