10 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas Wreath Featured ImageChristmas is the perfect time to pull out all the stops and enjoy decorating. Even though the tree is likely a big priority, there is so much more you can focus your decorating attention on. These unique DIY ideas will help you make the most of decorating every area of your home.  

1. Flank Your Door with Trees

A pair of mini Christmas trees can serve as a great substitute for a welcome mat that’s since worn out its welcome. Pinecones, berries, and lights strung on the trees will help create an extra cheerful appearance.

2. Create a Unique Hoop Wreath

If you want to make a wreath with a unique look, consider crafting one from an embroidery hoop and greenery. These stylishly sweet wreaths are very easy to display in a window, on a door, or anywhere throughout the house! 

10 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas Ornaments Image3. Use Ornaments as Centrepieces

Christmas ornaments can go beyond gracing just your family tree. To make your own ornament centrepiece, simply arrange a few ornaments on a decorative plate or bowl and place a few greens throughout, et voila!  

4. Get Diverse With Your Garland

Consider using Christmas garland in different ways. For example, after the tree is decorated and your centrepieces are made, if you find yourself with a few extra ornaments, consider hanging them on the garland wrapped around your bannister or mantle. 

5. Add Glittery Effects

Christmas lights definitely add to the magic of the season, so why not decorate the interior of your home with Christmas lights as well? For example, terrariums filled with glitter-encrusted branches or twigs are sure to make an impression. Consider placing them on a visible shelf area like a mantle. 

6. Fill an Empty Fireplace

Just because you’re not using your fireplace doesn’t mean it can’t have a decorative purpose. Place a few sprigs of fresh greens and birch logs in the fireplace for both a nice holiday look and a pleasant scent.

10 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas Advent Image7. Make an Advent Calendar

Making your own Advent calendar is a great way to celebrate this time-honoured tradition. For example, you can draw or paint numbers representing the 25 days between December 1st and 25th on craft bags, then fill each with a suggested do-good task or a treat. Use ribbons to hang these bags on a piece of string or directly on the wall. 

8. Add Some Amaryllis  

Amaryllis makes for a beautiful and eye-catching holiday addition. Create your very own Amaryllis-themed decor by filling the bottom of a vase with a layer of cranberries and a little water. Add a sprig of this festive flower when it’s in bloom and wrap the vase with a colourful bow.   

9. Use Pinecones as Door Hangers

If you have a few pinecones laying around in your yard why not put them to good use as decorations around your home? Attach festive bows to each and you can hang them around doorknobs or even on your tree for a natural look. If your pinecones are already covered in snow, you can easily pick up a few from any craft store.  

10. Make Candles More Festive 

Make your own Christmas candles by grabbing a few dollar store versions of your liking (or better yet, use ones you may already have hanging around the house) and coat them in Modge Podge. From here, you only need to roll them in Epsom salt (or glitter) to create a frosty yet warm holiday look. 

Do-it-yourself Christmas decor is not only a great way to personalize your home but you’re sure to have a lot of fun making any of these projects with your loved ones. Who knows, you may even end up creating a new family tradition with these ideas.

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