Building Your Home – Watch the Home Building Process on FacebookBroadview Homes understands that building a new home is an exciting time. And homebuyers want to be involved and watch their home be transformed from a plan on paper to a completed house.

We don’t want our customers to miss any of the action, and so we make it easy for them to stay informed. One way we do this is by showcasing our customer’s home build on our community Facebook pages. This allows our customers to not only receive timely updates on important milestones – such as the foundation being poured or the start of framing or even deliveries of their flooring or fixture selections – but it also allows them to see it through pictures.

The Home Building Process

Building Your Home – Watch the Home Building Process on FacebookAt the beginning of the building process, there are a lot of decisions to make. Before any construction can start, new home buyers need to choose the lot, the home model and make any customizations to it. During the next stage, buyers are actively involved in selecting their flooring, fixtures, colours and more. Throughout the planning stage, you’ll have the opportunity to make the house yours and personalize it to suit your preferences and tastes.

Once you’ve finalized what you want to build and where, then the construction process can begin and the new house really starts to take shape. Building a new home takes time and involves a lot of steps and stages so staying informed can be difficult. What role you take in the building process depends a lot on which new home builder you choose.

Every new home builder is different in terms of how much involvement and access customers have during the building stage. After the customer has made their selections, some builders schedule visits to the building sites while others will allow you to visit the site at any time.

Not every company provides regular updates. This means you may need to visit the build site often and make your own arrangements to call the builder for an update or whenever you have questions.

Watching the build and staying involved ensures that your home is everything you envisioned. It is important to watch the new construction process to see exactly how the selections you’ve made will look inside your home. So, it is essential that you’re comfortable with how often and the way progress reports are delivered.

Watch Your Home Being Built On Facebook

Be involved in the process even when you can’t be there.

Building Your Home – Watch the Home Building Process on FacebookWe’ve made it easy to watch your home build with updates on our community Facebook pages. Simply go to our Facebook page for the area that you’re building in and you’ll find all the updates. At different stages, there will be a variety of posts to keep you updated and involved in the process.

We have a Facebook page for each community and all of these pages are public. All of the updates can be seen by friends & family, new neighbours and anyone else who visits our Facebook pages.

How It Works

Firstly, we understand that not everyone wants to get updates on Facebook. Before we post any updates, our Area Manager will ask you whether you want to be a part of it. If you agree, then this is one way you can see your new home being built.

Our Area Managers are constantly checking all of the new home builds in their community to ensure they’re progressing in a timely fashion and according to each customer’s plans. Whenever they see a new development or milestone, they take a picture of it. Later that day, they share the pictures and write brief updates for each customer in individual Facebook posts.

All of the communities that we build in have their own, exclusive Facebook page. It allows our customers to more easily see their updates and also allows them to get to know other customers who will be moving into the community. It creates a sense of community before our customers even move in and allows us to include any relevant community updates.

Posting updates to Facebook allows us to keep customers informed of different stages in their built in all of our communities even when customers can’t make it out to the site.

Why Facebook?

Building Your Home – Watch the Home Building Process on FacebookWe believe in complete transparency throughout the building process. Our customers know that we trust the quality work of our employees and trades – after all we’re sharing the entire process with the world.

Our customers are entrusting us to build their home and we want them to know everything about their new home. Sharing pictures and updates is our way of helping customers trust that they’re going to be moving into the well-built, quality home that they dreamed of – without any surprizes.

An added benefit of using Facebook is that you’re able to share the excitement with your family and friends. Many of our customers enjoy sharing posts with relatives or loved ones who may not even live in the same city. This allows them to see what choices you’ve made, know how your new home is progressing and feel involved in your build.

For more information, please visit or call any of our Area Managers.