bathroom-features-look-for-new-home-huntington-ensuite.pngOne of the best things about building a new home is having the enviable decision of choosing between multiple top floor plans for large families. Once you’ve decided on the perfect layout, then the fun really begins when looking at your options.

Building your new home means that bathrooms can be more than just functional, you can make a real splash with desirable high-end features or by creating a spa-like retreat that is exclusively yours. Designing a beautiful bathroom will not only add value to your new home, but it can really enhance your lifestyle. A bathroom can be a sanctuary, and an inviting indulgence that soothes and relaxes you at the end of each busy day.

Homeowners who invest in bathroom design have often found that they provide an excellent return on their investment. Not only is the number of bathrooms a top consideration for future homebuyers, but they’ll take into account and be impressed with look and quality of your chosen fixtures and fittings.

For multi-generational families looking for privacy and the ability to seamlessly accommodate numerous schedules, multiple bathrooms are a must. Moving into a home with the right number of bathrooms along with a convenient floor plan that’s both innovative and comfortable will make living life together a lot easier.

1. How Many Bathrooms?

When you choose to build or build a new four- or five-bedroom home, you should expect at least three bathrooms to accommodate your family and guests’ needs. A half bath on the ground level is an ideal powder room for guests, along with one to two full bathrooms to meet the needs of your family.  An ensuite should also be included in order to provide you with your own private space. You deserve relaxation time in your bathroom sanctuary, and a beautiful ensuite can become a spa-like retreat in which you can indulge.

2. Radiant Floor Heating

Bathrooms – and especially your ensuite – are an ideal location for the luxury of radiant floor heating systems embedded under natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile. With hot water pipes or an electrical mat embedded under the flooring, your feet will feel warm even on the coldest winter day, especially when you program it to warm up prior to your morning shower. It’s also an eco-friendly and efficient way to heat your home, with no wasted energy as the uniform heat slowly rises through the rest of the room.

3. Curbless Showers

In addition to eliminating tripping hazards for younger and older family members alike, a stylish curbless shower is a sophisticated addition any bathroom. With contemporary style and practical use, you will enjoy the updated look it offers in addition to the easy access it provides with a flat, sloped surface. The seamless surface is also simple to clean, and it can easily be incorporated with tile flooring and radiant heating systems.

bathroom-features-look-for-new-home-richmond-ensuite.png4. Engineered Quartz Countertops

As an engineered stone, quartz has a natural stone look but it’s superior when it comes to durability and maintenance. Most types of natural stone require frequent cleaning and sealing, and they also can be fragile. Quartz is resistant to stains, bacteria, scratches and breakage, and it provides the high-end look you crave without the time-consuming maintenance needs.

5. Ample Built-In Storage Space

A functional bathroom for a busy family means having all the amenities you need right at your fingertips, and ample built-in storage space ensures that you’ll have towels, soaps, cosmetics, and other toiletries ready for your use. Rather than a simple medicine cabinet and under-sink storage of the past, choose deep drawers, cabinets, and closets to offer lots of space for your family’s needs.

6. Large Bathroom Sinks

Although double sinks in the ensuite have been a popular trend, the latest bathroom trend is to instead incorporate a large sink with two faucets that can easily be shared by two people. With the simplicity of a single fixture, one large sink saves space and makes for easier cleanup. An undermount sink paired with quartz countertops is a stylish way to make your ensuite look fresh and modern.

7. Motion-Activated Faucets

As a wonder of modern technology and a practical water-saving feature in your home, motion-activated faucets are an elegant addition to your contemporary ensuite. Whether you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands, the water will flow when you need it and shut off right away when it’s not in use. With a simple, sleek look, a motion-activated faucet is easy to clean and can include temperature controls for your comfort and safety.

bathroom-features-look-for-new-home-stanford-ensuite.png8. Humidity-Controlled Exhaust System

An exhaust system is an essential part of any bathroom, and a fan that responds to changes in humidity means those fogged-up mirrors and moisture will be automatically whisked away to the outdoors. By running only when it’s needed, a humidity-controlled fan saves energy and also ensures that excess moisture doesn’t allow mould or mildew to infiltrate your home.

9. Neutral, Peaceful Colour Palettes

With a trend towards white and grey, a bathroom of soft, neutral shades offers a spa-like experience in a contemporary environment. As a soothing space where you can relax and rejuvenate, neutral colours will also appeal to future homebuyers and increase your return on investment. However, choosing neutral flooring, tile and paint doesn’t mean your bathroom will be boring! You can jazz it up with colourful towels and modern artwork that reflects your individual taste.

When you choose to build a home, you look for fine finishes and innovative features that reflect your style and personality. With a broad selection of contemporary fixtures and design services offered by new home builders, you can choose a home with numerous special features to make your bathrooms and ensuite beautiful, comfortable spaces that each family member is sure to enjoy.


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