We’ve already discussed improved home comforts and energy savings from the changes to Alberta’s building codes to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. Another benefit that we know will help you breathe easier is improved air quality.

An energy-efficient, well-ventilated home is a healthy home. Kettles, showers, plants, pets and even people release moisture into the air. There are also microwaves, stoves, photocopiers and printers that all pollute our indoor air. Controlling the airflow with a mechanical heat recovery ventilator (HRV) helps regularly bring fresh outside air into our homes while expelling the air contaminated with moisture and odours.

Every new Broadview home comes standard with a heat recovery ventilator (HRV). With an HRV, the moist, stale air inside a home will be replaced with fresh air regularly.  The HRV unit can be set to different times to accommodate the size of each home and furnace. The HRV also uses the outgoing air to warm up incoming air to save energy. When the HRV is used along with fans to expel unwanted moisture and other pollutants then there is always a new supply of fresh air coming from outdoors.

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