In part one on the benefits of the new energy efficiency Alberta building code, we discussed how the new energy code is improving the indoor comforts of a home. Another benefit of energy-efficient houses is saving money on energy bills.

An energy-efficient home uses less energy and costs less to operate. Properly sized, high-efficiency furnaces and hot-water systems use less energy to heat a house.

As the CBC discusses, the initial increase in construction cost is a one-time cost that lowers ongoing operating costs. Total home energy usage can be reduced by up to 60 percent as a result of these construction improvements. On average, this means the increased construction costs will pay for itself within five to eight years. For example, a new 1,730 square-foot house constructed with increased insulation, improved air barriers and high-efficiency mechanical systems can save a homeowner $500 a year in energy costs. Ultimately, it makes building an energy-efficient home more affordable.

In an earlier article, we listed all the improvements our customers will see in a new Broadview home that complies with the latest energy efficiency code changes that took effect November 1, 2016. The main improvements that will directly lead to savings are a furnace upgrade from 92% to 95% efficiency, increased insulation, and insulated hot water lines.

Due to our already high standards and quality construction techniques, there is little to no increases in price as a result of these changes. Instead, customers will immediately be able to pocket the savings from their energy bills.

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