Building a new home is every homebuyer’s dream come true. With the ability to choose your lot, your floor plan and customize it to suit your tastes, building a new home allows you to tailor your new house to suit your family perfectly.

Although given all the available options, how do you make the right choices and increase its resale value?

The answer is to make selections based on what today’s buyers are looking for. By making some informed and savvy choices, you can improve your home’s future resale value, while also giving you the perfect home for your family to live in right now.

Here are three suggestions to help you boost your new home’s value.

#1 The Kitchen Is Still King

Buyers have always focused on the kitchen.  In recent studies, it was found that homebuyers are looking for a ‘modern/updated kitchen.’ This means creating a fresh coordinated look by choosing timeless contemporary designs.

Boost-New-Home-Value-Countertops.pngTo further enhance your kitchen ensure that you’re choosing what other buyers want, which is stainless steel and high-end kitchen countertops.

Stainless steel. While it has been around for ages, stainless steel is still the preferred choice for appliances. Buyers in higher-end homes will also be looking for gourmet or pro-series appliances.

Countertops. Quartz countertops have started to challenge granite and marble as the go-to material. Whether you decide on granite, marble, quartz or another natural stone, countertops need to be able to handle heat, scratches, cuts, and stains, while looking flawless for years to come.

Tip: If you are not sure how long you’ll remain in your house, you might want to avoid unusual kitchen layouts, overly exotic materials, and ultra-high-end appliances. Upgrading is good, but overdoing it won’t lead to more value.

#2 Make Floor Plans Work Harder

Bigger isn’t always better, but a better layout and flow to your new home will always add value. Square footage is still an important number on a listing, but an ‘open floor plan with flexible living space’ is second only to kitchens for desirable features.

Not convinced?  Try walking into a showhome with an award-winning floor plan. Regardless of whether the style is to your liking, it will have interesting design elements, and it just feels simple, natural and right. In other words, you know that it works.

How can you add this to your new home? Start with your builder, and choose a floor plan with flex rooms and upstairs laundry rooms.

Builder. Choosing an award-winning builder means that they’ll have spent the time to get the floor plan right. Good design doesn’t necessarily cost more, but you’ll reap the benefits of it for as long as you live there, as well as, when you go to sell.

Bonus-Room-to-Boost-New-Home-Value.pngFlex rooms, bonus rooms & attic conversions. While you may not have a specific purpose for one of these rooms yet, it can serve a variety of purposes. This additional living space can be a home office, guest bedroom, play room for the kids, family room, exercise room or even a study.

Upstairs laundry rooms. A dedicated laundry room near second-floor bedrooms offers convenience. A well-laid out laundry room can lighten the load for this household chore, and is on many buyers’ must-have list of features.

#3 Don’t Let Your Home Be an Energy Hog

Lowering your home’s energy costs will save you money now while you live in your home, in addition to being a major selling point whenever you decide to sell.

According to a 2015 survey, ‘energy-efficient’ was second only to ‘safe community’ for attributes that would most influence a purchase decision. This feature was driven mainly by older homeowners who have felt the sting of high-energy costs.

Energy-efficient houses. The good news is that changes to Alberta’s Building Code that came into effect on November 1, 2016 will help you build a more energy-efficient new home. With more efficient furnaces, higher R-value insulation and airtight construction, newer homes in Alberta will help protect against increases in energy costs.