When buying a home, especially for the first-time, homebuyers often think of single-family homes, condos or townhomes first. But there is another option gaining popularity these days: Paired Homes; and they may just be perfect for you!

Appealing to a range of buyers, Paired Homes often cost less than their single-family equivalents and, although you do share a wall with your neighbour, condo fees normally associated with multifamily living are eliminated, keeping costs down all around. With private yards included, the smaller size and lower cost mean these homes really deliver a lot of bang for your buck while accommodating multiple lifestyle options to boot!

Below are just some of the home buyers who are discovering that paired homes are right for them.

What is a Paired Home?

Also known as a duplex, Paired Homes are simply two distinct homes sharing one wall. Broadview’s models are divided through the middle so each home is side-by-side with two storeys, developable basements, and access through front, rear, and side doors.

Our latest paired home models – the Concord, the Newport, and the Laurier V – each feature 3 or 4 bedrooms, flex rooms, great rooms and open kitchen and dining areas. Smart designs with flexible plans allow for flexibility, while our signature high standard construction and craftsmanship mean the homes feel high quality from the moment you walk through the front door.

But enough about us. Let’s explore the types of buyers who are discovering that paired homes are right for them.

Who Are Paired Homes Ideal For?

Paired Homes = options; ideal as first homes, investment properties, and able to accommodate a range of living arrangements. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can even purchase one or both sides of a paired home.

Paired-Homes-Kids-BedroomFirst-Time Homeowners

Like we mentioned, one of the main advantages of living in a paired home is that you have all the benefits of living in a single-family home at a lower cost. Paired homes are family-friendly and can be an ideal first step into home ownership.

Starting with a Paired Home is a great way to build equity as your family grows. Although, equity or not, once you live in one, you may never want to move.


Finding yourself with extra room going to waste in your current home? Paired Homes are a great way to downsize. Not only does a smaller and well-laid out plan mean less maintenance; you do not have to give up your autonomy to get there. Flexible floor plans mean there is plenty of room for home offices, libraries, and visitors, while that private yard we mentioned earlier means no agonizing between downsizing and pet ownership. You can truly have it all!

Paired-Homes-KitchenInvestors and & Multi-Generation Families

Owning both sides of a paired home creates some interesting options for rental income or unique living arrangements. Savvy Calgary buyers are jumping at the chance to live in their own home while using the attached next door as a convenient rental property.

Another draw of side-by-side life? The ability to have family, especially other generations, nearby. With living trends of baby boomers and multi-generational families wishing to live near each other (we are seeing this across our communities), paired homes allow you to live near your family, while maintaining your own private space and household.

There are lots of reasons why home buyers are choosing Paired Homes. If you’re considering this type of home, stop by one of our brand new showhomes in Evanston and Redstone to see what all the buzz is about for yourself.