Does water accumulate in your window track? It is normal to see a bit of water in your window track during heavy rain or when washing your windows and doors. However, it may also be an indication that it’s time to inspect and clean your window’s track and weeping holes.

Windows and patio doors are designed with a weep drainage system on the exterior bottom of the frames to help protect the inside of your home. This system allows water to drain to the outside while preventing airflow into your home.

Watch Barclay in our latest maintenance video as he shows you how to clean the track and weeping hole on your window. All you’ll need is a damp towel, a warm glass of water, and a pipe cleaner if the weeping hole is clogged. If you can’t access the weeping hole from outside, he also shows you how to remove your window screen.

Periodic inspection and maintenance are needed to keep the drainage system working properly. We recommend checking it twice a year. An ideal time is spring before any big rains, and in the fall to winterize your windows before the freezing temperatures make it more difficult.