Green carts are coming to Calgary. In an effort to reduce landfill waste, Calgary has implemented a plan to collect green waste, yard materials, food scraps, pet waste and more. This waste will be turned into compost then sold to help support the green cart program itself.

Residents will be given an in-home collector, appropriately called a kitchen pail, for scraps along with a large wheelie bin similar to the existing blue and black carts.

When will you get your green carts?

Green carts will be delivered to all single-family homes based on which quadrant you live in. SW delivery dates range from June 5 to July 2. NW communities will start to receive theirs on June 19. NE cart delivery is scheduled from August 7 to September 2.  And, the community schedule will be available August 14 for anyone living in the SE.

For a full list of deliveries by communities, visit:

Once all Calgary residents in a quadrant have received their carts then weekly green cart collection will begin. The current schedule is:

Southwest             Week of July 17
Northwest             Week of August 14
Northeast               Week of September 4
Southeast               Week of October 2

The service, initially free, will eventually begin to charge a subscription fee, although Calgary councillors have hinted that green cart collection could be free for some of 2018 too. 

For full details, please visit the City of Calgary website: