Dotted throughout our showhome in Ranchers Rise are stunning creations. Art and nature easily appear side-by-side in rooms, as can be seen by the sculptural driftwood on one side of this kitchen juxtaposed to the 3-dimensional climbers on the other.

Flat paneled cabinets in a charcoal grey simply and elegantly live in the middle of these great works of art. Using a muted grey colour scheme which seamlessly aligns with the professional stainless steel appliances was a stroke of genius. The clean lines in the pedant lighting, bar stools and floor to ceiling cabinetry create a tranquil atmosphere that’s in harmony with everything around it.

Creating a restful and content kitchen has been masterfully achieved by our designer, Christina, and our Broadview specifications. Here’s how we put it all together:

  1. Truffle maple kitchen cabinets, standard in all Broadview Homes
  2. Kitchen backsplash, Broadview upgrade, $2250
  3. Truffle quartz kitchen countertops, standard in all Broadview Homes
  4. Bar Stools, at Revolve, $449
  5. Wood statue, at Home Sense, $125

You’re welcome to take a tour of this kitchen and the Harlow any time during our normal showhome hours. It’s located at 214 Ranch Road, Okotoks in Ranchers’ Rise.