Going into effect in late 2017 are new laws and fines for Calgary homeowners who don’t sort their garbage, recyclables and compostable. Despite the fines for not properly using recycling bins totally nine so far in 2016, The City of Calgary is updating the bylaws to give them “some teeth” for persistent offenders.

New laws going into effect will include one for $250 for anyone failing to properly sort their waste. Other fines include ones for $125 for anyone not setting out their bins before 7:00 pm the night before pickup, or not taking them back in by 7 pm on collection day.

Other bylaw changes have been made to clarify how to recycle and what not to put in the bins. For instance, pet waste can be put in the recycling bins, but only if they are in a compost bag. Alternatively, pet waste can be put in the black trash bin if it is in a regular plastic bag. The city says officers will not just rummage through your bins, and fines are used as a last attempt in order to get the people to properly recycle.

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