If you’ve been keeping up with our spring cleaning series, you must feel so ready for spring. We feel you.

So far, we’ve freshened up the inside of our homes and checked the post-winter condition of our homes. Now that spring weather is finally here, let’s tackle the final outdoor prep work before we get maximum enjoyment out of this fleeting season.

1. Outdoor Spring Clean

First, a quick recap of steps you can take to keep your home in great condition, come spring:

  • Repair (or replace) any damage that you found on your home’s roof, windows, doors, exterior walls, foundation, and concrete – remember if you have a new home most of these repairs are covered under your new home warranty, so give us a call.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Scrub driveways and sidewalks
  • Fill in any depressions in your yard with soil
  • Wash and do any necessary maintenance to your deck
  • Turn on the water to your outside faucet once weather permits and the risk of freezing has passed

2. Clean Up Your Yard

Tidy up all yard debris and plants that didn’t survive the winter. Next, check your trees and shrubs. Heavy snow can cause branches to break, so trim any broken ones before they fall on your roof. It’s also a good idea to trim back branches from your siding and windows.

Early spring is a great time to dethatch your lawn. Thatch is the dead layer of turf grass that prevents water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots; a little bit can be a good thing, but too much of it will starve the roots. Telltale signs that it’s time to dethatch are soft and spongy or dry spots on your lawn, or if only the very top of the grass is green and the rest is brown. Mow your lawn to half its usual mowed height and either conduct rigorous raking to break up the thatch, or rent a mechanical thatcher. (Note this is not the same as an aerator.)

Curb appeal is so important and this cleanup is a great way to make sure your yard stands out on your street; impress the neighbours and maybe even yourself with your green thumb!

3. Prep Your Garden

Speaking of green thumbs… Once the soil in your gardens has thawed, loosen it up and mix in compost for nutrients. You may also be able to start planting new seeds in your vegetable garden, just be sure to check the planting instructions and timing for each type of plant.

Draw or mentally plan your garden so that you’re ready to go once the growing season has begun – there’s really no time to waste when it comes to gardening in Calgary!

4. Wash Exterior Windows

Let the sun shine in! Clean all your exterior windows or hire a window-cleaning service to do it – your home will instantly feel lighter and brighter. Remember to practice safe cleaning and grab a spotter if you get up on a ladder to get those hard-to-reach spots.

5. Gear Up for Summer

Bring your lawn mower out of hibernation and make sure it’s working. Check the oil spark plugs, air filter, and blade; change and upgrade parts as needed. You can also check to see if your leaf-blower, edge trimmer, and any other lawn equipment you use are working properly. Charge batteries in cordless items to make sure they’re ready for when you need to use them.

Now that everything is in tip-top shape, you’ve drastically cut down on the excuses you could hear when asking kids or partners for help with yard work this summer – well done!

spring-cleaning-outside-maintenance-Calgary_Hugo.jpg6. Get Ready to Entertain

Outdoor entertaining season is just around the corner, now you’re ready to bring out and clean your outdoor furniture. It’s also time to clean the grill that’s likely been collecting dust for months. Revive it with some elbow grease and TLC.

7. Buy Your Home Some Flowers

The last thing to do for a picture-perfect home is to let it bloom. Buy some colourful flowers and arrange them around your home. Open your windows and let the air in. Maybe put up a bird feeder and watch your surroundings come to life!

Congratulations, now it’s time to put your feet up and wait for the warm weather.