You’ve likely seen the recent headlines about China no longer accepting recycled material from foreign countries, like Canada. In a recent blog post, The City of Calgary addressed what this means for our Blue Cart program and what Calgarians can do.

Around the globe, China represents 50 percent of the world’s recycling. It’s accepted recycled material from many countries and turned those recyclables into new products and packaging. However, some of the recyclable materials sent to China have consisted of low-quality and contaminated materials, which has prompted China to stop accepting recyclables and ensure that quality standards are met.

This uncertainty has led many Calgarians to question whether they should continue to recycle and wonder what the city plans to do.

The good news is that the city does not plan to put any of the stockpiled material into our landfills. Recycled material is a commodity, so downturns and volatility are expected. Instead, Calgary is looking for new potential buyers, and is working to ensure that our recyclable material is of a high-quality.

In the meantime, the city is asking Calgarians to continue the habit of recycling. And, follow their best-practice guidelines to ensure our recyclables are properly sorted, which improves our quality. 

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