While most people have heard of the Nest Thermostat, few people outside the home building community know about the user-friendly, smart IAQ – but you should.

IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality. We may not give our indoor air much thought, but it’s an important part of our home. With our busy lifestyles, we all need an easy system to manage it all for us. 

Over the years, Broadview Homes has been trying to make controlling our indoor air easy for our homeowners, and we found the answer with this system. The Honeywell IAQ controls not just the heating of your house (like a Nest), but also the AC controls, humidifier and heat recovery ventilation (HRV).  This allows the IAQ to make adjustments to every part that contributes to your indoor air quality.

As Andrew Mackenzie, Estimating Manager for Broadview Homes, explains, the IAQ allows you to ‘set it and forget it.’ The system learns about your home and then self-automates according to the schedule you create. Whenever there is scheduled maintenance, programmed reminders will notify you.

Broadview also includes the optional outdoor sensor which automatically controls your indoor humidity. Given Southern Alberta’s constantly changing climate, this means homeowners don’t need to be concerned with changing the humidistat whenever a Chinook rolls in.

In true modern fashion, the IAQ is also accessible via Wi-Fi and a smart phone, letting you view and change settings from inside, vacationing on the other side of the world, or anywhere in between.

Watch the video, and ask one of our Area Sales Managers about how including an IAQ in your new home can help improve your family’s air quality.