8 Easter Craft Ideas for the Family Little Girl imageLooking for some easy and affordable Easter craft ideas? We have some great ideas for you! From bunnies and baskets to eggs and edibles, these activities are sure to be a hit for the whole family. 

1. No-Dye Easter Eggs 

Decorating eggs is no doubt one of the most egg-citing Easter crafts out there. If you’re looking to add a new twist to an old favourite, this collection of dye-free Easter egg ideas will be just the thing! From funny farm animals and bejewelled egg masterpieces, there’s plenty of dye-free (and mess free) options to choose from. 

2. Yarn Eggs 

Prefer to skip the real eggs? No problem! Easter yarn eggs are a great way to incorporate some egg-cellent decor for the holiday. Using water balloons, glue, and yarn, you can sculpt some perfectly crafty and colourful eggs to display around your home. You might want to keep an eye on the kids with this one though, things could get a bit sticky. 

3. Easter Masks

These adorable brown-bag easter masks are a simple and fun family craft. All you’ll require is some large brown paper bags (grocery size), construction paper and tape. Then you simply glue your creations to your Easter bag and voila! Paper bag fun for everyone!

4. Paper Plate Bunny 

After you’re done with your paper bags, you may want to consider moving on to some paper plates! Paper plate bunnies are a cute, easy and mess-free craft that can easily be displayed once finished. A few large and small plates, some construction paper, glue, and googly-eyes will go a long way in bringing your paper friends to life. Oh, and don’t forget the fluffy tail!

For a different and more mobile spin on this craft, you can make a paper plate rabbit. This version uses paper fasteners for moveable arms and legs!

5. Easter Egg Baskets

What would a family Easter egg hunt be without Easter baskets? Before the big day, get the family together to create some personalized paper baskets they can use to hold their treats. Here too, you’ll require construction paper (or different coloured paper of your choice) a ruler, pencils, scissors and some stickers of choice for decorating. 

6. Yarn Pom-Pom Chicks

These yarn pom-pom chicks are ‘cheep’, easy and incredibly cute! A spool of yarn, scissors, googly-eyes, glue and some felt are all you’ll need to make these poofy little peeps. This craft also involves some counting and knot-tying and may require a little help from mom or dad. 

9. Fluffy Flock 

Speaking of cute critters, why not add more fluffy friends to your Easter activities by making these Cardboard Tube Lambs. The materials needed will have you feeling anything but sheepish as all you’ll require is cotton balls, glue, cardboard tubes and a few decorative elements (googly-eyes and pipe cleaners). Simple and cute, ‘ewe’ and your family are sure to enjoy these fleecy fellows. 

7. Rice Krispie Easter Egg Treats

Why just make your Easter crafts when you can eat them too?! These surprise Rice Krispie easter eggs are a fun spin on a classic treat – so, if you already know how to make Rice Krispie squares, you’re all set. In addition to the traditional recipe ingredients, you’ll also need some M&Ms and plastic snap-apart Easter eggs. 

8. Jelly Bean Bracelets

Looking for another yummy family craft? Look no further than these jelly bean bracelets [  ]! Your kids will love to make and show off these sweet accessories – which make a perfect Easter activity. For this colourful craft, you’ll need some stretch cording, a needle and, of course, a bag of tasty jelly beans. As there is some hand-eye coordination involved with this craft, little ones may require a bit of help. 

Do you have any Easter craft suggestions? Feel free to include them in the comments below!


Photo credits: little girl
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